Avoid needless idling in the winter 

Fort Air Partnership has partnered with other Airsheds in Alberta to discourage needless idling of vehicles in the winter. Learn more here. 


Surveys on industrial development and air quality completed

Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (NRCAER), Life in the Heartland (LITH), and Fort Air Partnership (FAP) combined to conduct a random telephone survey and open online survey in October and November regarding industrial development, air quality, and related issues in the Industrial Heartland area. Thank you to all who participated.


Lamont County Air Monitoring Station Moving into Town of Lamont

After reviewing data from a one-year-long monitoring project in the Town of Lamont, a continuous air monitoring station currently located on farmland is being moved into the town. Residents can expect to see the new permanent station in operation by late October or early November. Read more about the decision to relocate this station here.


2022 Q3 Air Monitoring results now available 

Click here to read about our 2022 Q3 Air Monitoring results.


Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station Being Moved to Newbrook

The Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station in the Town of Lamont was shut down in early September 2022 and will be moved to Newbrook, Alberta. Watch for more information on a new continuous air monitoring station to be installed in the Town of Lamont in the coming weeks.


Fresh Air Experience contest winners announced 

Check out the winners in our 2022 Fresh Air Experience contest. Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to spend some time outside and enjoy the fresh air!


Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) notifications are now available on the WeatherCAN app

Notifications for AQHI information are now available through the WeatherCan App. Read more about how you can access AQHI information here.