Part-time administrator required for Alberta Airsheds Council 

A part-time contract position is available at the Alberta Airsheds Council (AAC). See the AAC homepage for more details.


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Special Air Quality Statement (January 10, 2023)

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a special air quality statement for areas within and surrounding the Fort Air Partnership.  Please see here for more details. You can also read more about temperature inversions here. 


Avoid needless idling in the winter 

Fort Air Partnership is partnering with other Alberta Airsheds to discourage needless idling of vehicles in the winter. Learn more here. 


Lamont County Air Monitoring Station Moved to Town of Lamont

After reviewing data from a one-year-long monitoring project in the Town of Lamont, a continuous air monitoring station that was previously located on farmland in Lamont County has been relocated into the Town of Lamont.  The new permanent station is now in operation and reporting data to FAP’s live data site. Read more about the decision to relocate this station here


Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station Being Moved to Newbrook

The Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station in the Town of Lamont was shut down in early September 2022 and has been moved to Newbrook, Alberta. Watch for more information coming shortly.