Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station Being Moved to Newbrook

The Keith Purves Portable Air Monitoring Station in the Town of Lamont was shut down in early September 2022 and will be moved to Newbrook, Alberta. Watch for more information on a new continuous air monitoring station to be installed in the Town of Lamont in the coming weeks.

Wildfires continue to affect Airshed residents 

Wildfires burning both south and west of the Fort Air Partnership Airshed continue to affect air quality in the region. Learn more about how wildfire smoke affects air quality here and follow us on Facebook (top right corner) for more information. If you have travel plans, please check your destination for any wildfire effects in the area. Please refer to our homepage or access the WeatherCAN application for up-to-date Air Quality Health Index information.

Fresh Air Experience contest winners announced 

Check out the winners in our 2022 Fresh Air Experience contest. Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to spend some time outside and enjoy the fresh air!

2022 Q2 Air Monitoring results now available 

Click here to read about our 2022 Q2 Air Monitoring results.

Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) notifications are now available on the WeatherCAN app

Notifications for AQHI information are now available through the WeatherCan App. Read more about how you can access AQHI information here.