Clean Air Day is June 7! 

Celebrate Clean Air Day June 7. Take ten minutes on June 7 to connect to FAP’s communications channels so you, too, can monitor the air we breathe. See our web post. 


Special Air Quality Statement (May 16, 2023)

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a Special Air Quality Statement in effect for communities in the Fort Air Partnership Airshed.  Read more in our web post.


2023 First Quarter Air Monitoring Results 

The 2023 FAP January to March air monitoring results are now available. For the web post, click here. For the report, click here.


2022 Fort Air Partnership Report to the Community 

The 2022 Fort Air Partnership Report to the Community is now available. Click here to read the report. Highlights from the report are available in our web post.


Alberta Airsheds Council 2022 Annual Air Quality Report 

The Alberta Airsheds Council, consisting of Alberta’s ten Airsheds, including Fort Air Partnership, released its 2022 Annual Air Quality Report Thursday, April 20. In 2022, all Alberta continuous monitoring stations saw AQHI (Air Quality Health Index) ratings in the low-risk range 88% to 99.5% of the time. Read our web post, and for the full report, click here.