2023 Annual Air Quality Monitoring Results Affected by Wildfire Smoke 

Wildfire smoke was by far the most frequent contributor to high-risk and very high-risk Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) ratings measured at Fort Air Partnership’s (FAP) monitoring stations in 2023. Read more about FAP’s 2023 annual air quality monitoring results here.


Fort Air Partnership Records Zero High or Very High-Risk AQHI Hours in the Fourth Quarter of 2023 

From October through December 2023, Fort Air Partnership (FAP) recorded zero hours of high or very-high-risk Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) hours at our seven continuous air monitoring stations that provide the data used for calculating the AQHI. Please read our web post for more information.


2023 Alberta Wildfire’s Seasonal Statistics

The Province of Alberta endured a very impactful wildfire season in 2023. The massive number of hectares burned in Alberta affected air quality in the Fort Air Partnership for several months. Read about the wildfire statistics.