Vision 2030 Consultation Begins

Posted on May 9, 2017

Fort Air Partnership has embarked on a consultation process that will create a blueprint for our future growth and development. Called Vision 2030, it is important to us that our stakeholders have a chance to provide input into this process.

To help guide that input, we have created a Vision 2030 Consultation Discussion Guide. There are many ways to participate. Starting at our AGM on May 8 and continuing over the next few months, we will be hosting roundtable discussions and inviting organizations to respond to the questions in the Guide. Those who are unable to attend a face-to-face session, including members of the public, are encouraged to review the Guide and provide their input to us in writing.

Following the consultation, we will report back on what we heard. The Board will consider the input through a number of lenses such as feasibility, desirability, funding and other factors and use that information to help guide the organization’s future direction and activities.

It is important, however, for us to mention and stakeholders to know that any new initiatives or services that Fort Air Partnership may employ will be contingent on identifying sufficient and sustainable funding for development and operational support.