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Local Residents Encouraged to Take Action on Clean Air Day

Posted on May 26, 2020

June 3 is Clean Air Day, a day which focuses on the air we breathe and what we as individuals can do to help maintain and even improve local air quality.
When substances from natural and/or human sources accumulate in the atmosphere, air quality can degrade and affect human and ecosystem health. There are many ways individuals can be a Clean Air Champion and contribute to cleaner air. Driving less and driving smart can help, as can choosing air-friendly products, avoiding the generation of dust and smoke, saving energy by turning down thermostats and air conditioners, and shutting off lights when they are not needed. Support Clean Air Day by taking at least one of these actions on June 3…and consider making it a habit throughout the year.
In 2019, air quality ratings in the local region showed air quality was of a low risk to health more than 94% of the time. This is a credit to efforts made by all three levels of government, industry and local residents to create policies, implement practices or follow a lifestyle that manages the impacts of community, commercial or personal activity on air quality.

FAP Gets High Marks in Monitoring Network Performance Audit

Posted on April 15, 2020

The results of a provincial audit conducted of our air monitoring network gives FAP high marks for performance.

Of the 148 critical inspection items (including 45 ambient air quality analyzers) that were audited, there were two failures and one need for improvement. The audit also included a review of 46 non-critical items. Of these, only two opportunities for improvement were recommended. The audit was conducted by Alberta Environment and Parks in two phases that took place July of 2019 and February of 2020.

Once notified of the audit findings, we immediately took steps to rectify deficiencies. Critical items were resolved the same day and non-critical items by the following day.

“These are extremely good results that reinforce to ourselves, our stakeholders and the public that we are continuously providing credible, high quality, local ambient air monitoring data,” said Nadine Blaney, FAP’s Executive Director. Any minor data inaccuracies revealed by the audit have been corrected.

“It’s our policy to address any items identified for improvement as quickly as we can so that the data we produce retains its accuracy, credibility and value to the public, industry, government and researchers.”

Auditing is an important part of our comprehensive quality assurance program. In addition to independent audits of the monitoring network, we conduct regular internal performance reviews and third party quality assurance audits. We also perform other quality assurance activities such as challenging continuous gas analyzers with known gas concentrations daily and calibrating them monthly. FAP’s Technical Working Group and air monitoring data analyst also review data quality indicators every month. Read the July 2019 and February 2020 audit reports.